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Coron Palawan Tour Starting At Php 4500 (3D/2N)

Tour Price Starts At: PHP 4500/PAX

Tour Availability: Contact us for availability

Coron Palawan is one of the best place to visit and discover in Philippines. It’s the place to be for divers across the world for it still has some remains of the World War II underwater shipwrecks you can also see and enjoy the coral reefs making it famous for dive spots for pro’s and first timer. And if you want to do beach bum getting your skin tan and having those sexy tan lines with the powder white sand then beaches of Coron Island is the best place to do these things. Its clear crystal blue water is definitely perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving and deep-sea fishing. It’s time to forget those water fears and white skin. There are many tourist spots that you can see and enjoy in Coron. There are numerous snorkeling areas where you can see underwater rock formations. One example is the “Skeleton Wreck”. Researchers believed that it might be a submarine hunter. Somehow it became habitat of different fishes and you can also find corals on the sea surface which made it as one of the tourist spots. Underwater see adventure is considered to be priceless as well in Coron aside from each fine […]

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Ilocos, Vigan and Pagudpud Tour Starting At Php 1850 (3D/2N)

Tour Price Starts At: PHP 1850/PAX

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If you want to give yourself a break then try to explore the North where Ilocos is located. Ilocos has been known for its own tourist attractions. It provides you history and unique places to go. We will definitely take you to the places that you’ve never been into. Consider it “the joyride of your life”. It will take for about 11 hours for you to reach Ilocos Norte thus everything will be worth it. It talks about History since we will not just take you to Ilocos Norte you will get the chance to experience the very popular Vigan City known as the Heritage City. People in Vigan clearly shows how they value the place they we’re able to maintain the place and until now you can see old establishments and you can go for a Kalesa Ride to explore the place. It is also where you can buy souvenirs at a very low cost. Having a trip to Ilocos will give you a one stop vacation. You will not just get there to go to the beach. There are list of things to do when you get there.  You can get your skin tanned in Pagudpod White Beach, […]

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Banaue Sagada Tour Starting At Php 2499 (3D/2N)

Tour Price Starts At: PHP 2499/PAX

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Sagada is known as the place to be if you’re looking for a place that will make you forget the city where you are. Sagada is very sacred; It offers a whole different package compared to other places more of loving the nature and enjoying every fresh air that you can breathe in. Sagada is cold compared to Baguio because of its location. Breathe taking mountain views, sunset or sunrise view, fresh air, fresh foods and cheap price for veggies name it they have it. It has always been a lifetime experience for every single person who has gone in Sagada. There are a lot of things that you can do in Sagada with our Sagada Tour. Caving is one of the best things to do in Sagada or they call it cave connecting you got to challenge yourself to survive 4 caves. The guides in the cave are absolutely amazing that they can even guide you even if they’re blind folded. Echo valley is also a good place to go; If you can’t shout here in the City then , in Echo Valley you can shout as much as you want It is a breathe taking place; rock formations […]

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Caramoan Islands with Camsur Watersports Complex Starting at Php 3650 (3D/2N)

Tour Price Starts At: PHP 3650/PAX

Tour Availability: Contact us for availability

Need a one stop escapade? Explore Caramoan as it can give you one of the best lifetime experiences that you can have. Give yourself a break. All water adventures that you can think of are here. Caramoan is still not that main stream compared to other tourist spots here in the Philippines. It offers peaceful and organized place to stay. There are still islands within Caramoan that do not have electricity which makes it more exciting that it will let you experience being away from the city. In terms of food? Of course the choice is yours. There is a variety of delicacies that you can give a. The very popular “Bicol Express” since the people in Bicol loves spicy foods. Visiting Caramoan is basically a one stop water adventure to conquer your fears with water and do the stuff that you have never done before. It is getting very popular as it known as “the secret paradise”, white sand, skin tanned, star gazing these stuffs is just few of what you can do. Island hopping is of course one of the main thing that you shouldn’t miss; snorkeling and scuba diving which will let you deep dive into the […]

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