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My Banaue Sagada Tour Experience: Day Three

It was Sunday morning that we ended our majestic journey in Sagada. Our last itinerary for our final day was to view the sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint and orange picking after having a succulent breakfast at Rock Inn and Cafe. It was five in the morning when we started waking up, the temperature somehow is far colder than in Baguio City, nevertheless I ended up waking up earlier than my fellow guests to have a hot shower to awaken my senses. It wasn’t that long when my fellow travelers started prepping up for our 15 minute ride to catch the cold and sunny sunrise in Sagada. Every guests in Sagada started coming and looking for the best place for a touch of friendly Sagada sunlight. It was very foggy that morning that pretty much distracted the view of the valley including the Sagada Rice Terraces. Most of the guests are wearing multilayer clothes of course myself included! We’ve waited and waited for quite some time but we weren’t able to see the sun rising from the clouds so we decided to head back to our transient house to pick our belongings then head to Rock Inn and Cafe to have […]

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My Banaue Sagada Tour Experience: Day Two

Morning breaks anew as we wake up for day two of our never-ending Sagada escapade. Our itinerary the following morning was a trek down to the famous Bomod-ok falls. It was 6:00 in the morning when we met daylight driving through the narrowest road of Sagada and we needed to navigate through tight curves in which only one vehicle can pass at a time. Nevertheless, the view driving through the highest roads in the Philippines is very astounding as you stare on the Rice Terraces of Sagada which is pretty much built like the ones in Batad. It took us roughly an hour to reach our next adventure, but we needed to secure our guide first to accompany us trekking to the falls. It was my first time in Sagada so I enjoyed every bit of fresh air I can breathe while we step down to rice paddies. The path is very well-established, unlike before that visitors need to navigate on muddy path before they can reach the falls. It was a bit exhausting because the oxygen level on Mountain Province is thinner compared to sea-level. The sun was high when we started trekking down the mountain so I strongly […]

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My Banaue Sagada Tour Experience: Day One

As a travel blogger my boss Rson Parana requires me to go places in which we have a scheduled trip for our tour packages, this time we have guests for our Sagada Tour Package. Amidst my laziness to go far north wherein I’ve never been before, I convinced myself to try a long ride up north to Sagada, Mountain Province. Since this is also an educational tour for me I agreed to join the crew and get the best information I can get from our itinerary. Our meetup place is from Trinoma we chose the location due to its near proximity to North Luzon Express way. The tour driver assigned for the October 24 – October 27 Sagada Trip was the ever funny and friendly Andie Cortez, of course we need to have our guide from the Mountain Province in the presence of Kehvin Luna. It was a blissful Thursday night when we departed out of the busiest road of the metro. We started to drive pass through the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, and Nueva Vizcaya before stopping to our first destination Banaue, Ifugao. It took us at least merely 10 hours of driving plowing our way to […]

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Places to Visit in Ilocos:Part One

The long summer season is over, while the rainy season comes to an end the “BER” months are now taking over. That’s how I describe the last quarter of 2013! As a kid I spend my first three years in Pangasinan,then we moved to Bulacan after my 4th birthday. My parents pretty much accustomed me to learn our Ilocano heritage even though I grew up in a Tagalog-speaking neighborhood here in Meycauayan. With that all said I’m going to give you some insights on places to visits on Ilocos Sur up to Ilocos Norte. There are countless destinations you can visit in Ilocos and these places represent the landmarks of its rich history. From Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte let’s have a rundown of some of the remarkable places you can visit up north, but let’s start in Ilocos Sur. 1st Pit stop for your Ilocos escapade is Santa Bridge. Considered a side-trip before traveling further north the steel-bridge is one of the landmarks upon traveling Ilocos Sur. This bridge used to cater vehicles travelling for the northern corridor of Ilocos but it is now replaced with a new concrete bridge parallel to its location. 2nd Pit stop is Hidden […]

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The Islands of Caramoan: Jewel of Camarines Sur

Philippines has been one of the top travel destinations in South East Asia. Our country features abundant natural features that draw tourism commercially to an all time high. Beaches from its archipelago offers travel destinations during the summer months. Caramoan Islands have captivated millions of beach lovers around the world for being the setting of world famous reality game show “Survivor”. As a huge fan I have to admit that I’m an avid viewer of reality game shows and Survivor: Caramoan is one of my favorite. During summer beachgoers aim to travel farther south for a relaxing trip to the beach. Travelling to the famous Islands of Caramoan can take at least 10hrs of non-stop bus ride and another 2hours on a ferry boat. Is it worth it? Let’s find out! This was the first time that I set my foot on Bicolandia most of my journeys are spent on the northern corridor of Luzon which makes it quite uninteresting and boring. Nonetheless, I love the inviting ambiance of the north but heading south is quite different in terms of excitement and island adventures. The islands of Caramoan are frequently featured as the shelter of the castaways during the 1st […]

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