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Banaue Sagada Tour Starting At Php 2499 (3D/2N)

Tour Price Starts At: PHP 2499/PAX

Tour Availability: Contact us for availability

Sagada is known as the place to be if you’re looking for a place that will make you forget the city where you are. Sagada is very sacred; It offers a whole different package compared to other places more of loving the nature and enjoying every fresh air that you can breathe in. Sagada is cold compared to Baguio because of its location. Breathe taking mountain views, sunset or sunrise view, fresh air, fresh foods and cheap price for veggies name it they have it.

Sagada Sumaguing Cave Spelunking

Sagada Sumaguing Cave, Mountain Province Spelunking

It has always been a lifetime experience for every single person who has gone in Sagada. There are a lot of things that you can do in Sagada with our Sagada Tour. Caving is one of the best things to do in Sagada or they call it cave connecting you got to challenge yourself to survive 4 caves. The guides in the cave are absolutely amazing that they can even guide you even if they’re blind folded. Echo valley is also a good place to go; If you can’t shout here in the City then , in Echo Valley you can shout as much as you want It is a breathe taking place; rock formations are present in that place so you got to see it yourself. Also, be ready to walk around 2km if you want to go for Bomod-ok Bigfalls thus it’ll give you the benefit of walking down their own rice terraces and as you walk along you will see how native people live their life. These are only few of the things that you can do in Sagada.

Bomod-Ok (Big) Falls Saganda Mt Province

Bomod-Ok (Big) Falls Saganda Mt Province

Of course let’s not forget their foods!! Foods in Sagada are really freshly served from sup to the main course of their own. There are some foods that you can give it a shot one example is their freshly made omelet with veggies yes with veggies which is perfect since veggies are fresh then they have their own yogurt and their own coffee (which you have to discover it yourself of what do that coffee is made of).

Church of St. Mary the Virgin Sagada Mountain Province

Church of St. Mary the Virgin Sagada Mountain Province

Challenge yourself and conquer Sagada.

“A single step can start a lifetime journey.”

Package Deals
Private Tour

  • 2499 per pax for a group of 14
  • 2650 per pax for a group of 13
  • 2750 per pax for a group of 12
  • 2950 per pax for a group of 11
  • 3100 per pax for a group of 10
  • 3400 per pax for a group of 9
  • 3750 per pax for a group of 8
  • 4200 per pax for a group of 7
  • 4600 per pax for a group of 6
  • 5250 per pax for a group of 5

Public Tour (departs every Thursday evening of the week)

  • 2650 per pax for a group of 4 or more
  • 2800 per pax for a group of 2 or 3 pax
  • 3300 solo participant (single occupancy)


  • Roundtrip Van Transfers Manila-Banaue-Sagada-Baguio- Manila
  • Van Transfers around Sagada
  • 3 days 2 nights stay at a Local Inn or Transient House
  • Entrance Fees and Permits
  • Local Guide Fees
  • Taxes and Surcharge
  • Gas, Toll Fees, Driver’s Meals and Accommodation


Normal Caving 2-3 hours (125 per pax minimum of 4) Cave Connection 3-4 hours (400 per pax minimum of 2), Bomod-Ok Big Falls (2-3 hours trek 100 per pax minimum of 5)
Ganduyan Museum, Lemon Pie House, Orange Orchard
*Meals are not included for personal preferences
*Always remember to pack light
*Different rate applies during Holidays

* Always remember to pack light
** Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Sites to Visit

  • Banaue View Points – the finest view of the majestic man-made marvels of Batad Rice Terraces will surely embrace your enjoyment as you stand on Ifugao’s famous landmark.
  • Tour Around Sagada – located within the Mountain Province, the Town of Sagada promises one of the best journeys on the mountainous region up north. Its cultural heritage plays a significant role on promoting tourism about the history of its people and the landmarks you ought to visit.
  • Sumaguing Cave (normal caving 2-3 hrs) – one of the highlights of the tour, enjoy spelunking through Sagada’s famous caves. Enjoy the works of natural wonders as you explore famous limestone rock formations within its amazing subterranean landscape.
  • Lumiang Cave – pay tribute to the ancestors of the Igorots, the place is a burial location for the famous mummies of Sagada.
  • Bomod-ok Bigfalls – nature lovers will surely be tempted to take a trek down and up to reach the falls. One of the most visited sites in Sagada a dip to the falls will rejuvenate your body and cleanses all the stress you feel inside.
  • Kiltepan Tower – a magnificent panoramic view of sunrise touching the Sagada Rice Terraces while it is blanketed by sea of clouds.
  • Echo Valley (Hanging Coffins) – visit the place of the hanging coffins hanging on towering limestone rocks near Sagada Town Proper.
  • St. Mary’s Church – build by the American missionaries in the 1900’s it serves as a monument for spreading Christianity in Sagada.
  • Sagada Weaving – get a view of how the local Igorots weave their ethnic clothing the old-fashioned way. Make sure to buy your souvenirs here before heading back to Manila.
  • Ganduyan Museum – located at the town proper, an orientation to Sagada’s rich history will surely be a great educational tour for you.
  • Sagada Pottery House – make your own pot and see how they create masterful creations out of clay.
  • Lake Danum – end your day with a great view of sunset on Sagada’s famous lake.
  • Strawberry Plantation – a side-trip to the famous strawberry plantation of La Trinidad, Benguet will surely make your stopover more enjoyable. Make sure to have a free taste of the sweet and creamy strawberry ice cream.

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