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Up to the Highlands of Sagada

I’ve been through several places in North Luzon but neither have I explored the Mountain Province. As a backpacker a trip to this location will cover most of my travel fantasies and cover much places of exploration up north in highlands of Sagada. I covered much of my journeys mostly in the Island of Luzon. As a mountaineer I have a great liking with the outdoors because the view from up high is very enchanting and magnificent. We’ve been planning for quite some time for a Sagada Travel but doing so wasn’t easy because planning our own itinerary seems to get us in trouble. There are several Philippine travel agencies that make arrangements for your trouble free travel to Sagada. These arrangements provides lodging and complete itinerary to famous travel spots in Sagada.  I’ve never been in these places but what exactly excites me to invest for this trip is the extensive itinerary Parana Tours offers. Much to my liking to travel in a shoestring budget it would be better to take the Sagada travel package instead of heading to parts unknown and spending a lot of money commuting to visit these following locations: Banaue View Points The world famous […]

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The Day I Climbed Mount Pulag

It was November when my mountaineering team climbed Mt. Pulag. Most highly respected mountaineers say that you can never conquer a mountain, you can only climb it. It’s really hard to imagine what I’ve been through to be on the summit of the highest mountain in Luzon and the second highest peak in the Philippines. Me and my friends have been planning this for quite some time and it was the 22nd of November when me hike up to Baguio via Victory Liner Cubao. Most of us are experience mountaineers while some are 1st timers. It was a straight forward trek as we paved our way to the easiest route to Mount Pulag the Ambangeg-Ambangeg trail. It took us merely 6 hours of bus ride to Baguio City, as expected the weather was very nippy. Come as prepared we are, me and my team have all the gears to warm up our bodies. As we head to the jumpoff point we needed a jeepney ride that would navigate through the winding treacherous ravines of Benguet! The road is very well-established but the sharp curves were far worse than Kennon Road, I guess this route is not for the faint of […]

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Patar Beach the Jewel of Bolinao

The sizzling summer season is coming! The tropical climate of the Philippines carved beaches that would attract many local and foreign tourists in the northern shores of Pangasinan. I a native of Manaoag, Pangasinan never had the chance to explore the furthermost town of Pangasinan. It was just in May 2012 when I and my college friends organized a trip to see the so called “Boracay of the North”.  Pangasinan as I already knew is the easiest passageway to a tropical enjoyment via its wonderful beaches. It’s a mixed of curly blue waves and friendly shores along the coastal region of Pangasinan. The road to the North has various destinations that would bring you to the most astounding beaches of the Ilocos Region. Nevertheless Pangasinan is just a 5 – 6 hours drive with your private vehicle and depending on the traffic condition you can easily reach it under 5 hours if you’re on a hurry. Well I can’t blame someone driving as fast as they can because what’s waiting is a blissful getaway that you will surely remember every summer. We only had one day of beach bumming during that trip but we never cared because it was the […]

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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast Caramoan Islands

Summer season is sizzling hot as we bound to the nearest beaches along the Philippines famous shores. North or south and east or west we find beautiful beaches with very inviting features and entice us to enjoy its blue coastal waters. Philippines is an archipelago that contains beautiful beaches around its islands and one of the top summer destination this summer is the Caramoan Islands – located in Camarines Sur in the Bicol region. Unknown to some the Caramoan Island Group become one of the settings in the 25th season of Survivor. I’ve never been farther south but this trip would surely be interesting and enjoying. Unfortunately for those who made the trip during its 25th season, six island chains were close exclusively for the show. Now it’s 2013 the gate to the beautiful islands is now open for beach bummers and nature lovers. I’ve never been to the Bicol region but a trip would be worthy since I’ll be exploring more places, the farther I go the better places I can visit. A former colleague of mine organize the trip since he’s from Bicol, it works to our advantage because he knows every places we need to visit for […]

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Twin Island Tour on Anawangin and Capones

Anawangin Cove and Capones Island are two neighboring tourist hot spots in Zambales. Back in 2008 I and my friends had an outing in which the two Islands would be explored. Much to my joy and delight it was free because it was the annual company outing! The journey starts in Manila onboard our chartered bus that would bring us to San Antonio Zambales which I think would take us at least 6 – 7 hours of boring highways. I really don’t mind anyway on how long the journey to the islands would take as long that is an enjoyable one. We passed by to the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga before making a right turn from Dinalupihan Bataan. It was summer and the sun is watching us as we made our way to San Antonio Zambales which is the easiest route to the two islands. It was my first island hopping and the excitement grows bigger as I see the friendly shores of Zambales. More to that is the nearby mountains in which we can make an easy hike to the top, we bailed out anyway because none of us is an experience mountaineer that time and it was sizzling […]

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