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The Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

Pangasinan has the most visited beaches in the Ilocos Region due to its easy access from Manila and to any point of Luzon. The roads to this wonderful destination are very well established thanks to the provincial government who really takes pride on promoting the province’s tourism. Well as we all know Pangasinan offers vast wonders along its sandy shores which connects the shorelines of Zambales and all the way to Ilocos Norte. Waypoints show that there is lot of routes heading to Alaminos Pangasinan in which the world famous The Hundred Islands National Park is located. A well planned itinerary must be planned before organizing a tour to this area. You need to familiarize yourself to connecting highways or else it may leeway you to La Union. The route is pretty much straight forward if you’re taking the bus, there are several bus companies operating to this route namely Pangasinan Five Star or its sister bus company Victory liner. If you are planning to head there via private vehicle you need to travel via Camiling if you are coming from the Manila and via Dagupan by the north. Well if you want a hassle free organized tour you can […]

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My Mount Pinatubo Daytour Experience

Mount Pinatubo was once the most destructive volcano of the 20th century. It was the deadliest in recent years and very cataclysmic in terms of area of devastation. For many years the volcano remains unexplored and the only remnant is the barren landscape all the way to the Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake. It took more than a decade to explore the remaining of what is Mount Pinatubo today. The lahar deposit which was part of used to be tallest mountain in central Luzon was reduced to rubbles during its eruption.  The pyroclastic deposits still remains as of today and can be seen throughout Tarlac to Zambales. Nevertheless it created a way to the famous Crater Lake that is transformed into one of the best tourist destination in Northern Luzon. It was November 18, when me and my friends organized a journey to Mt. Pinatubo. Since we love the outdoors we purchase The Mount Pinatubo Daytour package via Parana Tours. It took us about one and a half hour to reach the jump of point from Concepcion, Tarlac, which is the easiest route to Mount Pinatubo. Much to my delight we picked a roofless 4×4 truck that would navigate us through […]

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Group Hugs Outdoors Invades Baler Aurora

I’ve been through a lot of places in the north. Never have I thought that I would be joining a group of outdoor enthusiast on their trip to Baler, Aurora. It was Parana Tours who lead our magnificent journey. It took us at least eight hours to reach our destination in which we need to navigate to the eastern most corridor of Luzon. The road is well developed but in some areas the road was pretty much rough! We passed by through roads while looking at the majestic Sierra Madre Mountain range. There are limited public transport providers from metro manila and only Genesis Transport has the route to Baler, Aurora. It wasn’t a good idea to commute since we will be occupying half of the bus’s maximum capacity. We availed the Parana Tours Baler Aurora Tour package so it will be easier for us to fix our itinerary. Of course Mr. Raymondson Parana is more than happy to accommodate us since he has already provided some recent trips for Group Hugs Outdoors. It was a recreational and educational trip for us heading to Baler. Aurora for me is some parts unknown to the map due to its remote location. […]

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